Dr. Gary Couanis

“I congratulate you on such an innovative design that focuses on improving the safety and comfort of hair salon clients. Degeneration of the small facet joints in the neck are a common cause of neck pain and can be greatly exacerbated by extension of the cervical spine.

A considerable challenge to injury prevention is that everybody has slightly different spinal anatomy and pattern of movement. There can therefore be great variability to the type of movement and neck position that will stir up pain. This is particularly the case when joint damage is already present. What is most impressive therefore is the adjustability of the HeadBed for alteration of the clients position posture according to comfort.”


By supporting the head in the awkward and unaccustomed positions that client’s are asked to sustain for an extended period of time is likely to be extremely helpful in reducing the risk of discomfort, the risk of pain and the risk of long term injury or worsening of a pre-existing condition.

~Dr. Gary Couanis, MBBS FRACGP FACSP Grad DipSM. May 2014

Elizabeth Perry, BSc (Physiotherapy)

“I have tried and tested the HeadBed at my hair salon and I must say it is excellent. As a physiotherapist, I assess and treat a variety of acute and chronic neck injuries. One of the concerns that patients often describe to me is pain or discomfort at the hair dressers that exacerbates their pre-existing condition, or that is the cause of their neck pain.

The position that the head and neck is placed in over the sink is unnatural. The human head weighs between 4-6 kg and the neck muscles are not designed to hold this load at the end of their range for an extended period of time. The muscles become stretched and inflamed, the facet joints become stiff and there is increased pressure on the nerves, discs, ligaments and arteries.

The HeadBed counteracts this by maintaining the neutral curve of the neck, allowing the muscles to stay relaxed. It supports the skull at the base of the occiput reducing the weight and workload the muscles often have to do at a hairdresser’s sink.
Well done.”

~ Elizabeth Perry, BSc (Physiotherapy) BSc (HMES), WA

"After leaving a salon with custom made head rests, I was on the hunt for a head rest that supported my guests neck and gave to most comfort possible while being shampoo’d. After 2 hours watching YouTube videos and scouring the internet I found it, HeadBed! My guests have enjoyed the comforts of the HeadBed neck and head rest, so much that I purchased a second one for our salon!
I’ve recommended this head and neck rests to my stylist friends and they now have HeadBed head and neck rests in their salons."
~ Ali north, stylist
My clients love the HeadBed, no more complaints about aching necks, ...They love it which makes me love it even more! So happy I found & purchased one, every salon needs it, all my clients have been asking for treatments just so they can sit at the basin for a bit longer. A massive thank you from Crowthorne in England!   
~ Jessica Parker, sytlist
Scissor Art Hair, Fremantle says 'Thank you, thank you!. The HeadBed is an excellent, cost effective retrofit solution! We are very happy because our clients are now very happy and comfortable at the wash basin. Our regulars want to know when we bought new sinks!!!   
Our wash basins were so uncomfortable our clients dreaded it and we were heading down the track of spending $1,000's of dollars replacing them. All fixed now for a fraction of the cost.
~ Scissor Hair Art