How to Use

Instructions and Care

The HeadBed will add to the overall hairdressing experience and to the all-embracing comfort and safety of your clients at the washbasin.

The HeadBed is designed to support the head at this heaviest point, the Occipital bone, so that the neck muscles can totally relax whilst the client is at the salon sink, but it is small enough not to get in the way of hairdressers completing their tasks.

Washing Technique - Click for instructions

  • The client should be placed well back in the chair, have both their shoulders and the base of the neck up against the edge of the shampoo bowl. Then tilt the head back onto the HeadBed.
  • Tuck the towels and cape down enough, so that the bare skin of the client is against the silicon of the HeadBed. This will ensure a seal is created. This seal is required to prevent water getting past. When you pick up, lift and tilt your clients head forward slightly to get underneath the occipital bone, there should be no gap between the neck and the shampoo bowl. The neck and skin should be firmly against the shampoo bowl edge and HeadBed at all times. 
  • Shampoo bowls that do not have a HeadBed attached do not require stylists to tilt the head up and forward during washing. With the HeadBed attached to the shampoo bowl, stylists will need to adjust their technique in order to wash the underside of the client’s head. By making these small adjustments in your technique, client’s will have much greater safety and improved comfort.

HeadBed USA Model for US Shampoo Bowls

HeadBed Euro Model for Back Wash Basins