Why do I need a HeadBed? 

  • Never before have hairdressers been offered a head or neck support that works! The HeadBed is very efficient at supporting the weight of your client’s head whilst they are having their shampoo and treatments at the salon sink. It also helps protect your client from injury, as the weight of their head is being supported.
  • The human head, contains the brain (which weighs about 3 pounds). Then there is the skull, the eyes, the teeth, the facial muscles, the skin and hair. In all, an adult head weighs around 10 to 12 pounds (4.5 to 5.2 kg).
  • So, go grab two 5 pound bags of sugar or flour and hold them with one hand ! Or think about a 10 pound bowling ball. It is a lot of weight perched up there on your neck, especially if you are at a shampoo bowl with your head back, and your neck against the hard edge of a basin…. That is why you need to use a HeadBed.

Will it fit my basin? 

  • HeadBed Euro model will fit any backwash basin. It simply fits over the centre of the neck curve of the sink, with the head platform and adapter inside the basin. The only adjustment is to fit the correct adapter to the head platform. If your basin is deep, choose the 30 mm wedge. If your basin is shallow use the 20 mm adapter.

Doesn't my neck cushion already support the head - why should I buy a HeadBed? 

  • Your existing neck cushion only provides padding to the neck against the edge of the sink. It does not support the weight of the head. HeadBed is the only cushion that supports the weight of the head.
  • Your clients often tend to move, shift and sit further down their chair in order to avoid the uncomfortable pressure on their neck and get their head more upright. This causes water then to run down their neck, and often hairdressers have to ask the client to lean their head back again. With the HeadBed in place, your client can keep their head fully reclined back without any strain or the need to move.

Can it fit on my portable basin? 

  • Yes! It can! Watch this video which shows how efficient is on a plastic portable basin. It fits perfectly but mostly it protects the neck from the narrow sharp edge of the basin.


Does it make a difference between tall vs short people? 

  • Tall people with long necks will benefit the most from having a HeadBed at the sink. Shorter people will be supported closer to the base of the Occipital bone, nearer the neck.

What are the benefits of a HeadBed to my clients? 

  • The benefits are many and varied and I do have to say that whilst conducting the research over the years, the number one complaint I heard was ‘the discomfort and pain associated with leaning back in the salon sink’. 
  • With the HeadBed, your client’s head is fully supported because it takes all the weight off the neck muscles and your client can relax and enjoy their hair being washed. The many blood vessels and nerves of the neck are no longer under strain once the weight of the head is supported. As we know a shampoo, toner, treatment can sometimes last up to 30-40 minutes at the hair salon wash basin.
  • Older clients will no longer wash their hair at home before they come to your salon as they will receive the support that they need. They will be able to once again enjoy the luxury of having their hair treatments and wash at your hair salon sink.

If I am not a hairdresser, can I still buy a HeadBed? 

  • Certainly. You may take it with you to your hairdresser and ask that it be placed on the sink before you have your hair washed.

What is the HeadBed made out of? 

  • Our HeadBed is made out of highest grade 5-star silicon rubber.
  • This is why HeadBed is 100% hygienic, does not deteriorate and is so easy to clean. After nearly two years of use, the first salons to use HeadBeds in Australia still report their HeadBeds looking like new.

How long will it take for delivery? 

  • If purchased within USA, your order will be shipped Priority Mail via the United Stated Postal Service, which will take 2-3 days.
  • If you purchased from Canada shipping rate will be $25.00 for the first HeadBed and $5.00 for each additional HeadBed. Delivery time to Canada is strictly dependent on processing time at customs.

Can the HeadBed break? 

  • No, it cannot break. It is made of silicon rubber, so it can only be torn by extremely rough handling (at the suctions cups) or cut with scissors!

How long will my HeadBed Last for? 

  • Our product has a life of up to 5 years! No more replacements needed!